The “Do it for the Shocked Velociraptor” Meetup - February 29th

Who remembers when Kiyoshi almost killed Kyle? I do! Fortunately for Kyle, Kiyoshi’s away on business in the Bay Area for awhile and is unable to make it to the next Meet-up on 29th. 

Hopefully this time around, Kyle can keep from turning jovial conversations about jawnz into real life re-enactments of Mortal Kombat matches. All in all, you should come.

With that said, here are the specifics:

Where: Miller’s Pub. 134 South Wabash Ave.

When: Wednesday, February 29th at 8pm.

Why: Why not? Tommy (suitsandboots), Meredith (canarycoal) and few others may show up.

Come meet up with some familiar faces, new faces, and the like.